Autonomous Deep Learning RobotThis blog is intended to ease a beginner’s journey into professional robotics. The current focus is on the exploration and usage of the relatively low-cost Autonomous Deep Learning Robot. Unlike many entry-level robotic kits, this is built on ROS, the same platform used by professional roboticists and researchers, deployed on industrial robots, humanoids, drones and even some self-driving cars. The kit also includes various deep learning toolkits, which make it a great device for exploring AI.

Robotics, and ROS in particular, tend to be unnecessarily complicated, with a lot of prior technical knowledge presumed and with information hard to find. By documenting my own progress with the platform and ROS, by listing the materials I’ve found useful and by filling in the gaps along the way, I hope to make it easier for those who follow.

A trabajar!

Simon Birrell
Cambridge, UK